Our Bars! 


We love a great bar at Mrs.SW13 and not just those offering drinks!  

Gorgeously styled or themed buffet station for guests to get crazy and DIY their way to EAT- and DRINK-ing bliss. Please see our favourite bars below - each bar will be beautiful displayed with lots of special details and sure to be a talking point... 

Drink Bars

Prosecco or Champagne Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

Gin and Tonic Bar

Margarita Bar 

Lemonade Bar 

Hot Chocolate Bar 

Mimosa Bar 

Sweet  & treat Bars

Cupcake Bar

Ice-cream Bar

Chocolate slab Bar

Pancake Bar

Popcorn bar

Doughnut bar

Candy bar

Bagel bar

Waffle bar


Foody Bars

Hot dog bar

Beef chilli bar

Taco bar

Baked potato bar

Crudité/ vegetables and dip bar

Mashed Potato Bar

Bruschetta Bar

Oyster Bar

Nacho Bar

Mac & Cheese Bar