Bowl food

Bowl food is a brilliant alternative to more substantial food than canapés. A relaxed way of eating and treating your guests to larger than a canapés. Our “bowl food” is served in mini or hand-sized bowls with food that can easily be eaten with a fork in one hand. Your guests can use these as an alternative to canapés or as the main meal – the possibilities are endless!

  • Fresh & flavourful bruschetta with crispy vegetable tortillas

  • Roasted butternut squash, sweet potato and carrots with crumbled feta & maple syrup

  • Vegan buddha bowl salad

  • Extra cheesy Mac’n cheese 

  • Brussels sprouts, crispy smashed potatoes, gremolata & mixed toasted nuts   

  • Avocado “smash” salad with rocket salad home made focaccia croutons

  • Pasta salad with our creamy, non dairy, avocado dressing and toasted seeds

  • Buffalo mozzarella salad with our fresh green pesto and basil

  • Sweet potato wedges with our smoked hummus dip

  • Flavour packed mini vegetable noodle salad

  • Hierloom tomato bruschetta with tortilla crisps

  • Vegan chilli tofu ramen

  • Warm wild roasted mushroom & lentil “salad" with blue cheese

  • Mini vegetarian Hoisin noodle salad with toasted nuts

  • Fruit and nut freekeh grain bowl

  • Spiced quinoa & black bean salad

  • Grilled chilli & lime sweet corn herb salad and crispy tortillas

  • Fresh & herby tabbouleth salad & flat bread

  • Fajita bowl with cauliflower rice


  • Steak bulgogi bowl

  • Angus beef Bresaola, rocket and Parmesan salad

  • Flavour packed beef chilli with avocado smash and tortilla crisps

  • Thin sliced rare beef salad with horseradish Bearnaise 

  • Mini beef Hoisin noodles salad

  • Five-spice beef with sesame greens

  • Korean spiced thin sliced beef salad

  • Lemon and honey chicken salad

  • Oven baked cauliflower cheese with with smoked ham

  • Swedish meatballs with mash and Lingonberry jam

  • Chicken Caesar salad

  • BBQ pulled chicken with hickory drizzle and crispy tortillas

  • Mexican chicken mole

  • Korean smokey styled chicken with a spiced orange drizzle & crispy slaw

  • Chorizo, pear, red wine & red cabbage


  • Lobster tail salad, rocket and avocado dressing

  • Fresh crab salad with roasted sweet corn, mango and a rum dressing

  • Beetroot, salmon and tarragon mixed grains

  • Black pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and prawns 

  • Mango and prawn rice noodle salad

  • Gravlax (cured salmon) salad with mustard and dill drizzle

  • Fresh orange marinated salmon fillet salad with an orange drizzle

  • Lobster Mac n’cheese - luxury comfort food

  • Flavourful prawn mini noodle salad

  • Ramen noodles with chilli salmon

  • Orange & citrus marinated salmon fillet with orange drizzle & watercress

  • Zesty new potato salad with hot smoked salmon

  • Creamy saffron bouillabaisse with aioli - packed  with flavours, fresh fish and sea food

bowlfood mix.png