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A collection of our favourite cheeses (4) & the most delicious charcuterie (4). Accompanied by chutney, dips, pickle, seasonal vegetables & berries, crackers... making this box truly the best of what we have to offer.


You will fall into a world of superb flavour and elegance. Each platter is carefully made with a cheese & charcuterie experience that promises to improve any occasion. Take a bite out of a delectable assortment of cheeses & cured meats and wonderful sides that are visually appealing as well as savoury.


Each platter includes a min of 4 cheeses, 4 meats, crackers, berries, fruit, pickles, dips... 


Order small plater for 10 or large platter for 30 - for other quantities, please just get in touch! 



Allergy Information
Please note that because we use many ingredients and shared equipment, cross contamination is managed but not to an allergen-free level.
Please be aware that most of our graze boards and grazing tables contain nuts, milk, sulphites found in dried fruits like raisins and gluten found in bread.


Artesian cheese & charcuterie platter (for 10-100 people)

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