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We are a local caterer and events planer, based in Barnes, London SW13. We tailor each event to our client’s requirements. 


Terms and Conditions



1. Following an initial meeting or telephone conversation, we will design a bespoke event (the Event) and provide you with a quotation which will be valid for one month from the date of the quotation. 


2. If the quotation contains fixed costs (such as Venue Hire, Entertainment, Decorations etc), these will not reduce even if the final number of guests is lower than the number originally quoted for. 


3. Quotes involving catering are based on the number of guests, as well as the menu.  We will only scale down the original number of guests by a maximum of 5%; if you wish to scale down by more than 5% then we will have to re-quote. In such cases, the later quote automatically supersedes the earlier. 


4. All prices are based on costs of raw materials prevailing at the time of the quotation. In the unlikely event that there is a significant and unpredictable price increase in relation to particular raw materials, we reserve the right to increase the quotation to reflect the changes in the market, having first of all given you the option to change the menu. 




5. We can supply beverages to complement the meal.  This includes alcohol as long as the Event is a private party and not one for which tickets are sold or else where there is a paying bar. 


6. If the Event involves your guests paying for tickets or alcohol, then please let us know in writing as we may be able to apply for a licence (at your expense) to allow us to supply alcohol to you.  This would depend on your circumstances and so we will need to discuss this on a case-by-case basis. 


Payment schedule




7.  Once you accept the quote and instruct us by email we will invoice you for the whole amount as per your quote. Subject to clause 8 & 9 below, the invoice is payable by you within 5 days of the date of the invoice in order to secure the booking.  The invoice will confirm the date, agreed menu, equipment hire and decorations (if any) of the Event. 




8. For invoices which exceed £1,000, upon receipt of the invoice, a 50% deposit (the Deposit) is payable by you within 5 days of the date of the invoice in order to secure the booking. 


9. Payment of the deposit (or the full amount if the invoice is £1,000 or under) confirms your booking of the Event and also indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions  Upon receipt of the Deposit, we will start work on the Event, to include (but not limited to) purchasing equipment, designing and printing stationery, booking staff, booking a venue as well as third parties such as musicians etc. 


Final payment for invoices over £1,000


10.  The remaining 50%, after payment of the Deposit, is payable 7 days before the Event in cleared funds.  


Additional invoice


11. On occasion we may need to issue an additional invoice (Additional Invoice) once the Event is over.  This may be necessary, for example, if there are any breakages of glasses, equipment etc or if the original guest numbers were increased at the last minute, additional staff costs ( see 17 below) over runs. The Additional Invoice may also include charges for any last-minute minor changes that were made at your request and for which we incurred additional expenses. 


Confirmation of final numbers


12. Confirmation of final numbers for the Event must be given by you to us by email no later than 10 days before the Event. Whilst we can accept a reasonable increase in numbers, we will be unable, at this stage, to accept any decrease in numbers and the full price will still be charged notwithstanding any reduction in numbers. 


Taking delivery of food and equipment


13.  We will notify you, by email shortly before the Event, of the location and approximate drop-off and pick-up times of food and equipment hired from third parties (if any). It is your responsibility to ensure that there is someone at the Event venue to take delivery.  Failure to do so, means that: 


  • The responsibility for re-organising delivery (which, in the case of third party hire, must be discussed with us in order that we can confirm that the new delivery time fits in with our timetable) falls on you; and 

  • If any additional delivery costs are payable by us to third party companies, such costs will be passed onto you and will be included in the Additional Invoice (see 11  above). 


14.  Whilst we will endeavour to accommodate you if you have failed to take delivery, we make no guarantee to do so, especially if we have other events on the same day. If we are unable to accommodate you, then the full amount of the invoice will be payable by you. 




15.  We will advise you as to staffing requirements for the Event and include this in your invoice.  Our members of staff are booked in pairs and work a minimum of a four-hour shift.  


16.  The safety of our staff is paramount.  There will be a charge for taxis, which will be added to the Additional Invoice for any member of staff who works after midnight and who did not drive to the Event. 


17.  If the Event overruns and any members of staff have to stay beyond the hours stated in the invoice, then the additional costs will be added to the Additional Invoice. 

Allergic reactions


18.  Although we will endeavour to provide alternative dishes for those with allergies, due to the nature of our kitchens, we cannot guarantee that any produce on our menu is 100% free from Allergens or any other ingredients to which you or your guests may have a serious allergic reaction.  


Liability for damage to hired equipment 


19.  You will be liable for any loss or damage to any equipment hired from us or a third party for the Event from the time of delivery until the time of collection, (whether by us or the third party) or return by you.  Any loss, damage or breakages sustained will be passed onto you in the Additional Invoice. In view of this, we strongly recommend that you ensure that all such equipment is insured from delivery to collection/return by you. 


Liability for personal effects 


20.  We will not be liable for the loss, theft or damage caused to any personal effects during the Event whether belonging to you or to your guests, including gifts brought to the Event.  



Force Majeure


21.  We shall not be liable to you if we are unable to carry out our obligations under our contract with you if this is beyond our control, in particular (but not limited to) non-performance due to fire, flood, subsidence, lockout, accident or sabotage.  





22. if you need to cancel the Event, this must be communicated by email.  Except for cancellations made more than 60 days before the Event, a cancellation of the Event will incur charges (Cancellation Charges) as set out below. 


23.  Cancellation Charges are payable for the cancellation of the Event, or part thereof.  Subject to clauses [ 24 &25] below, the Cancellation Charges are as follows: 


  • Cancellation within 60 days of the Event – 25% of the total

  • Cancellation within 30  days of the Event – 50% of the total

  • Cancellation within 6 days of the Event – 100% 


24.  If, following cancellation, we are liable to third party contractors, or have incurred other expenses on your behalf, then these amounts will be added onto the Cancellation Charges. 


25.  For invoices which exceed £1,000, if cancellation occurs within 60 days, whilst we will owe you 25% of the total (being half of the 50% deposit which we hold), we will not be able to return the remaining 25% to you until 14 days after the date on which you cancelled whilst we clarify our exposure with third party hirers which, in turn, will depend on the cancellation provisions in our contracts with them.  If the remaining 25% which we hold is insufficient to satisfy third party cancellation charges, then we reserve the right to add any outstanding amounts onto the Cancellation Charges. 

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