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THE ULTIMATE TOPPER - Freshness, warmth, earthiness, smokiness & texture - The perfect topper!


Sprinkle on avocado and fresh or cooked vegetables, add it to salads, season chicken, fish or shellfish, elevate any egg dish, add it to your toast, roasted nuts, popcorn - or mix it with olive oil to create a dip, dressing or marinade.


Carefully crafted to enhance your culinary creations.


Mix it with vegetable or olive oil to create a dip, dressing or a delicious marinade.




INGREDIENTS (allergens in bold):

Lime, cumin, sesame (white & black), paprika, herbs, tomato, sea salt flakes, red pepper flakes, herbs & spices


May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, other nuts, mustard, soybeans, celery, sesame seeds and peanuts.




Store cool and dry.

THE ULTIMATE TOPPER SPRINKLER - vegan avocado topper

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